Natalie Kuhn, VP of Programming at The Class, on building a young business and following your fire within to unexpected places


In episode 7 of The Fire Within Podcast, Natalie, Kuhn, VP of Programming at The Class, speaks directly from the heart.

She fully shows up in this episode, where we talk about how her career developed from aspiring theater actress to founding teacher of The Class. We talk about the hustle of starting a business and the unglamorous stories behind how the incredibly chic “The Class” was built. We even talk about the darkest rock bottom of Natalie’s life, when her mother passed, and how she rose from the ashes to teach other people using what she learned from that experience. 

Natalie is incredibly emotionally intelligent, both when talking about how to discover and follow your fire within and when confronting the daily chatter that happens in one’s mind. 

If you’re curious about how to follow your fire within, build a business or deal with day-to-day emotions and frustrations, this episode is for you. 

Favorite quotes:

  • “I believe tests come in many forms and they come when you have the capacity to handle them.” 

  • “We spend most of the day outsourcing our difficulty.”

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