PSYCH-K facilitator, Sachié Alessio, on confronting the past and transforming health conditions by changing your beliefs


Sachié Alessio is an actress, a visionary PSYCH-K facilitator and a close friend of mine. She and I met while at a PSYCH-K workshop, and since have had numerous philosophical conversations about life, love and spiritual health, which I wish I had captured for the podcast.

In this episode, Sachié and I dive into how when you transform your internal beliefs, your external world follows suit. We discuss this especially in the context of physical health conditions and how when one has a limiting subconscious belief or sustained stress in one’s life, that often manifests itself as a physical condition. Sachié helped me cure my peanut allergy, which we connected to a stressful event that occurred when I was three. In the episode, Sachié also talks about confronting her past and forgiving her parents.

This is a powerful episode that dives into many new paradigm ideas that challenge the old and outdated way of viewing health, life path and career.

I highly recommend you book a PSYCH-K appointment with Sachié—she’s gifted.

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