Jared Weintraub, PhD candidate studying “flow,” on how he followed his flow from pursuing a career in music to exploring this little-studied topic


Jared Weintraub is not your typical PhD candidate. Originally an aspiring and then working musician, Jared pursued music until it no longer brought him flow. Following his fire within, he realized he needed to switch course, at which point he was divinely guided to learn about and then pursue a PhD in the little-studied topic of flow, as well as found his boutique consultancy, The Flow Group.

In this episode, we explore the concept of “flow,” how it works and its benefits and downsides. We also discuss how flow can shed light on one’s passion and purpose. This episode takes a very left-brain approach to exploring how to follow one’s fire within.

I loved this conversation with Jared and hope it brings you clarity. If it does, please do share in the podcast rates+reviews!

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