On the synchronicities that arise when you follow your fire within, with founder of Fruition Coaching Megan Abbott

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On the third episode of The Fire Within Podcast, I interview Megan Abbott, founder of Fruition Coaching. Megan is the angel that swooped down and saved me when I was in the darkest rock bottom of my life. I was in a corporate job I hated and felt lost in life. This is when I was introduced to Megan, who taught me that there was nothing wrong with me, but that I was failing to follow my fire within, which was the reason I felt lost. She helped me get back in touch with my intuition, which told me to quit my job. Doing this started a landslide of events that dramatically changed my life for the better.

Megan has a wealth of knowledge about what makes successful people thrive. Her personal journey, of discovering her life purpose and building her business, reveals these tenets. We discuss the struggles Megan faced, the tests she passed and the magic that followed trusting her gut and taking leaps of faith in her life and career.

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