On healing herself with PSYCH-K, becoming a facilitator and growing a thriving business with Jena Sophia


On the second episode of The Fire Within Podcast, I interview PSYCH-K facilitator Jena Sophia. PSYCH-K is a quick and easy way of transforming limiting subconscious beliefs, perceptions of stress and experiences of trauma. Jena discusses how she healed herself of endometriosis, how she decided to become a PSYCH-K facilitator, and how she followed her intuition to grow her business to the thriving state it’s in now. In this episode, we also explore Jena’s philosophy on how to discover one’s life purpose as well as her experiences with shamanism, veganism and the “woo woo.”

Favorite quotes:

  • “For me, it’s always been, if it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it.”

  • “We think we need authority, some higher figure to tell us what to do. Listen to what they have to say, but decide for yourself. Because people will tell you different things—someone will tell you to go left, another will tell you to go right, and another will tell you to take two steps backwards.”

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