When considering a healing path or session, trust yourself and do what you feel drawn to. 

I am certified by the Modern Mystery School to do each of these healings. I underwent numerous trainings in each of these healing modalities, and am re-certified each year. 

If you're considering booking a session and would like to discuss which session you think would help you the most, email me at raisaglreyes@gmail.com

Life Activation activates the divine DNA within you. It triggers deep, internal shifts and helps clients gain clarity, positivity, ambition and inner peace. 

It's the perfect healing to start your healing journey, or to help you continue to shift your life (I get this healing every few months).

Life Activation is for you if you're: 
    • Looking for direction in life or to discover your purpose
    • Unhappy, stressed or depressed 
    • Feeling stuck 
    • Want to start your healing journey
    • Looking to connect with yourself 
There is a short reading at the end of each session. 
1.5 hours | $250 | done in person
To book a Life Activation, email raisaglreyes@gmail.com 

Cord Cuttings relieve you of the negative emotional ties in a given relationship.  A profoundly powerful healing, I've had clients weep because of the relief they feel immediately after the session.

When you're sexually intimate with someone, psychic cords are established between you which last up to seven years. Over the course of those seven years, energy flows between you and your past partner, even if you're no longer in contact. These cords can drain you of energy, particularly if you're the higher vibrational person. 

A Cord Cutting is for you if you: 
    • Find yourself frequently thinking about a past relationship, or have trouble moving on from a past relationship
    • Feel resentful about past injustices or hurts 
    • Experienced an assault or trauma, or a situation where you felt your power was taken away from you
    • Had an emotionally or physically abusive relationship
Each Cord Cutting Session includes a Spell Removal, Purification by Light and a Personal Wish, which clears negative residue from that past relationship. 
1 hour | $250 | done in person
To book a Cord Cutting, email raisaglreyes@gmail.com 

Ensofic Reiki is much more profound than normal reiki. It focuses on the mind, and melts away the thought patterns that have calcified in your brain over the course of your life, leaving the potential for you to create new beliefs and habits. 
Ensofic Reiki is done in three sessions: 
    • Session 1: Mind & body
    • Session 2: Mind & activate Divine Rays 
    • Session 3: Mind & bad habit removal (you get to focus on one bad habit you'd like to transform per session)
The third session can also be done as a standalone session.
1 hour | $300/session or $750 for a package of three sessions | done in person
To book an Ensofic Reiki session, email raisaglreyes@gmail.com 

This is a great healing for those who feel overly sensitive to their environment or other people. Things like alcohol, drugs and coffee create holes in our aura which make us vulnerable to our environments. When someone has a lot of holes in their aura, they're often overly sensitive to other people or spaces, and easily take on the emotions or vibe of the place they're in. 
An aura healing is a standalone session, although I've found that people generally need three aura healings to fully heal their aura. 

45 mins | $200/session or $500 for a set of three sessions | done in person
To book an Aura Healing, email raisaglreyes@gmail.com

Crystal Readings are psychic readings, which help the client get clarity on issues they're facing, possible solutions and visions for the future. With the help of twin crystals, one which the client holds and one which the reader holds, the reader can understand the client's past and read their future. 

Crystal Readings are for you if:
    • You're looking for clarity about a next step
    • Want clarity about a specific issue you're facing 
    • Feeling stuck
    • Want to connect to yourself 
1 hour | $150 | done in person 
To book a Crystal Reading, email raisaglreyes@gmail.com