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July 25, 2022

The story behind The French Girl Tee

By Raisa Reyes
The story behind The French Girl Tee

When I was 24, I took a trip to Paris with a friend. While there, I bought the perfect white t-shirt. Cropped with a slight boat neck, it was elegant, flirty and casual. 

After years of relying on it as a staple of my wardrobe, it grew tired as white t-shirts do. I decided to throw it out with the optimistic perspective that I’d find another like it soon. I never did. Little did I know this was a blessing in disguise.

A few years later, after surrendering to my desire to create a fashion brand, I asked myself, what’s missing from my wardrobe? The obvious answer was the perfect white tee—so I set out to create it.

The French Girl Tee is inspired by the aforementioned shirt I bought in Paris, but it’s better. Distinctly French in its vibe, fun and flirty, this tee will take you from red wine by Siene to breakfast in bed.

Pre-order for The French Girl Tee will begin soon! To get updates on pre-order, sign up for our newsletter on our homepage and follow us on TikTok & Instagram (@raisareyes.brand). 

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