December 05, 2022

The perfect capsule wardrobe staple

By Raisa Reyes
The perfect capsule wardrobe staple

*This photo features The Raisa Sweatshirt, for which pre-order begins Friday!

I think The Raisa Sweathshirt is the perfect capsule wardrobe staple. Here’s why:
According to my blogpost on the topic, A capsule wardrobe is a relatively small collection of clothing that meets all your needs. From going to the office to being a guest at your friend’s wedding, you own the clothing that dresses you for each season and occasion relevant to you. This doesn’t mean you can’t own fun stuff! A stodgy work suit and a pair of pink cowboy boots can both be in the same capsule wardrobe.
When getting dressed, I find that I’m constantly dancing between comfort and elegance, and my favorite outfits are those where both are achieved. I used to wonder whether comfort and chicness are mutually exclusive. I wondered that until I bought a fabulous sweatshirt from Brandy Melville two years ago.
I didn’t think much of this sweatshirt when I bought it. I wore it around the house, and then cautiously for walks at night, until finally I realized that the sweatshirt elevated my look. “Sweatshirts can be chic!” I thought to myself in shock. However, the Brandy Melville sweatshirt wasn’t chic enough. I tried wearing it with a Chanel skirt but the proportions weren’t right. Chicness was hinted at in this sweatshirt, but not achieved.
To achieve the perfect chic sweatshirt, I had to make it myself. This is where the Raisa Sweatshirt comes in. When designing The Raisa Sweatshirt, I wanted it to be the chicest item of clothing in my wardrobe. One of those pieces that magically elevates every outfit it’s paired with, like a pair of diamond studs or a Chanel purse. And I also wanted it to be the most comfortable item of clothing in my wardrobe—the kind of sweatshirt you wear to sleep when you’re cold at night, or when you’re watching Netflix and eating cookies.
Once I had this vision in my head, it wasn’t hard to achieve. I mean, it took two years and six iterations, but my clear vision of this dream sweatshirt urged me forward.
So why is The Raisa Sweatshirt the perfect capsule wardorbe staple? Because it serves a plethora of different needs, and keeps you always looking chic.
Pre-order for The Raisa Sweatshirt has begun! I hope you, too, have the pleasure of wearing a Raisa Sweatshirt.
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