July 10, 2022

Simple hair care tip

By Raisa Reyes
Simple hair care tip

If you have dry hair or split ends, oil it. You don’t need tons of fancy hair care products to keep it moisturized.

How: I put olive oil in my cupped hand and apply it generously throughout my hair from the roots to the ends. Once all my hair is heavy with oil, including the hair at the nape of my neck, I wrap my hair in a high bun and put a hair towel on. I have a hair towel for just this purpose. After a few hours, I wash my hair with a bit more shampoo than I would normally. I do this once a week or as often as I can. After the first time I did this, my hair looked dramatically better. 

I love that this can be accomplished with your basic kitchen olive oil. That’s true simplicity, if you ask me. 

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