May 18, 2022

Capsule wardrobes & being inspired by the french

By Raisa Reyes
Capsule wardrobes & being inspired by the french

I remember my first trip to France. I was visiting a friend I’d met on a Spanish language program in Barcelona. She came from a wealthy family and her house in the North of France was lavish. I was eager to see her closet. When she opened the beautifully 19th century antique wardrobe, what I saw delighted and surprised me: small stacks of neatly folded underwear; beautiful bras carefully folded; t-shirts hung on hangers. This is perfection, I thought to myself. I want to live in this way.

I have never forgotten that image because it serves as a North Star to me. Everything she owned was cherished, taken care of and high quality. It was purchased with the intention of being worn many times; with the intention of getting stains out of the garment when it got dirty and because it would enhance her beauty. The items weren’t cheap, they were carefully chosen and invested in.

I wanted this for myself. I promised myself that I would make this dream situation a reality for myself soon. This is self-love, I thought.

Since then I have been on a journey to create my dream capsule wardrobe. I’m not there yet. This is why I created RR—to make all the items I felt were missing from my capsule wardrobe. These items that were missing from my wardrobe weren’t my dream wedding dress or fancy items. Those I could find. Shockingly, what I felt was missing were the basics—the perfect white t-shirt; my dream sweatshirt; my dream nightgown. They just weren’t out there; not in the form I craved. So I set out to make them!

What do you feel is missing from your wardrobe? What about capsule wardrobes challenges you? Comment below—I’d love to know!

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