Le Petit Sweatshirt

Le Petit Sweatshirt

You know those French girls who look put together in a t-shirt and jeans or the perfectly designed feminine sweatshirt? Le Petit is for those who want to feel elevated and chic all the time--even when they're wearing their comfiest sweatshirt.

Le Petit is currently in its production phase. Updates will be shared via our newsletter (signup below!).

Elevating the every day with basics for a chic everyday life.

With classic and comfortable style at its core, RR is a new and innovative womenswear label dedicated to elevating the everyday by curating a mix of wearable essentials. Founder, Raisa, is passionate about crafting a forward-thinking brand that’s known as the home for luxury staples.

RR launches one piece of clothing at a time, and shares pieces as Raisa designs them.

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